Property Management

As dedicated boutique Property Management specialists, Charta Management is different to other companies.

Management specialists make up the Charta Property Management team, each has general property management experience but with the added speciality area they focus on. This ensures that nothing is left to chance throughout the entire property management process.

With other agencies, there are often only one or two people in their rental department covering everything.  This can lead to a break-down of systems where procedures are overlooked, details missed and vital operations left incomplete.


Why Choose Charta

Because we have over 25 years of experience in the management of properties we are well equipped to handle anything that comes our way.  You name it, we’ve probably dealt with it.

We understand that buying an investment property can be hard enough, but many people find the most difficult part is actually managing the property and the tenants.

Running into problems is inevitable when letting an investment property.  If not handled correctly issues that arise can be time consuming, expensive and can frequently end in a disaster.  It can be a struggle to understand and interpret the law, particularly with the new law recently enacted and this can sometimes be used against you. 

Leave the management of your property to us and as an owner you will have no need to deal directly with tenants. Charta Management will look after your investment for you. 

We’ll take care of everything. from marketing, renting, inspecting, maintenance, following up on arrears and even looking after mediations and court proceedings should they arise.  This allows you, the owner to treat your investment property as a business and not get caught up in the personal side.  True peace of mind.


Charta Management Ltd. provides a specialised, skilled quality management service where:

  • The tenant deals with the Manager, not the Owner
  • Staff are knowledgeable and helpful in response to enquiries
  • Properties are maintained by Charta contractors and maintenance staff
  • The investment property becomes a business for the owner with no day-to-day hassles
  • Charta Management utilises rigorous selection criteria to ensure tenants are screened carefully to minimise potential problems with rental payments and damage


Investors and landlords can relax in the protective cover offered through Charta Management's exclusive arrangement with Insurance Brokers who understand the needs of your property.

It's simple - engage the services of Charta Management to manage your property, take out the Landlord Plan through the brokers and you’ll get the best services for your property.

The Property Management Team

  • Roseanne Fakaua

  • Manager - Charta Management Ltd.
  • 09 303 4926
  • Roseanne oversees the day to day running of the management team and has over 14 years Property Manager industry experience. You can rely on her to get the job done with minimal fuss with a friendly and professional attitude. For management contracts, rental references, sticky situations, Roseanne’s the woman to talk to.
zeryn crop
  • Zeryn

  • Rental Consultant
  • Zeryn spends most days out on the road inspecting properties, doing installs and vacates.
    Her friendly manner and professional attitude when dealing with clients, customers, tenants and trades people ensures the job gets done, efficiently and effectively.
  • Sunbera

  • Property Manager
  • 09 303 4926
  • Sunbera is a Property Manager with over 8 years experience in the industry and speaks fluent Bangla, Hindi and Urdu. If you want to get things sorted, get a rental appraisal, sort out your bonds or tenancies, Sunbera is the person you need to contact. Fair, precise and confident in all her dealings, Sunbera is a mover and a shaker who you can rely on.
  • Alana

  • Rental Manager
  • 09 303 4926
  • Alana is a Rental Manager who is a master in the art of tenant spotting, not only will she find you a good tenant, tenants can be confident in what they’re applying for. Alana's special talents lay in knowing the small details and the ins and outs of the RTA. She's our “go-to” who is firm but gentle and the very successful Charta representative at tenancy hearings. Talk to her about difficult situations and rental arrears.
  • Varsha

  • Property Manager
  • 09 303 4926
  • Varsha is one of our senior Property Managers, fluent in Hindi. She not only looks after the administration side of the business, utilising almost a decade of experience in property management, she ensures properties are in top condition with vacates and installs and is the keeper of the keys and swipes. Both Charta and the owners can rest assured that their property is well presented, secure and up to standard.
Suzata crop1
  • Sujata

  • Rental Consultant
  • +64 9 303 4926
  • Sujata joined us mid way through 2017. She is fluent in English, Nepali, Hindi and Urdu.

    Everyone she deals with whether she is out on the road or in the office her attention to detail, positive attitude and friendly outlook are an asset. Among other tasks, Sujata covers the apartment viewings in the city and processes water rates and bond lodgments.

What our clients say

Charta has provided me with total peace of mind with regards to my property investment.

Dr Lannes

This investment is great because with Charta managing it, its hassle free for me.



Dial 111

for Fire, Police or Ambulance
In a major emergency where property or life is in danger.
Do not contact the landlord, call 111

Please note that an emergency is a situation that requires urgent attention for health and safety reasons e.g. fire, flood, burglary, trespassing, violent or aggressive behaviour


After hours

For an urgent or emergency situation that does not require Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance to attend but requires urgent attention for health and safety reasons.

Call and text Charta Property Group:

Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message describing the emergency.
A staff member will respond to you as promptly as possible.
Blown light bulbs are not an emergency and are the responsibility of the tenant or owner/occupier.

Locked Out
Lost Keys

This is not an emergency!

If you cannot sort this out by yourself please first call & then text us. We have to confirm you are a tenant to authorise the locksmith.

Charta Property Managers

(Try one of these numbers) Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message confirming the issue with locking yourself out.

You have to pay the locksmith at the time of your call out, a charge between approximately $350-$450 or they will not assist you.
Charta is only able to provide access to a Charta tenant.
If your landlord is not Charta please hang up and call your landlord or if you are an owner/occupier please call a locksmith for access.

For all other urgent call outs

If it is not a health and safety emergency contact us

During normal business hours:

If there is no response then Call & Text
Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message describing the issue.
A staff member will respond to you as promptly as possible.
All non-emergencies will be dealt with during business hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Please note that staff do not attend call outs in the late evening for safety reasons, also there will be a charge for the staff to attend for access.
No exceptions are made for this charge.

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